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Shorenobi Martial Arts

Spring Lake, NJ
Mon 7-8:30pm

Ever Been Curious About Traditional Martial Arts?


Martial arts are probably different from what you have seen in the media. They are life practices designed to protect mind, body and spirit. True martial arts are about resolving conflict – not just fighting.

  • A strongly organized body

  • Mindfulness and focus

  • A clarified self-concept

  • Confidence ability to protect self/others 

What does the training consist of?

  • A complete training experience keeping each lesson effective, safe and fun.

  • The use of classical and modern methods for defense of self and others. 

  • Proper body alignment, positioning, movement and tactics, rather than reliance on strength and speed.

  • Perceiving and controlling the tactical space between yourself and the opponent.

  • Kicking, punching, grappling / throwing, as well as, flexibility, meditation, breathing and physical fitness. 


We are a group of mature and dedicated martial artists who want to improve our lives, developing a practice that will stimulate and sustain us in real life. Individuals of all sexes, ages and body sizes can benefit.

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