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  • Tony Notarianni

My Theme for 2022

As we enter the year of the water Tiger there are three ideas that have come forward in my mind:

Keep a cool head,

Explore subconscious behavior,

Sustain the training.

Warm feet and cool head

It is said that a warrior should take care to keep their legs warm (be ready to move) and the head cool (objective and not controlled by emotion). As I think about the modern world, and its dangers, so much of it is related to being controlled via emotions. Being a good martial artist does not just mean being able to fight or defend oneself, but being able to resist fighting due to manipulation by others. It also requires overcoming one‘s own spiraling cycles of negative emotions such that, should something upset us momentarily, we can recover to a better place with minimal impact to ourselves and the world

around us.

Sakki and living completely

Often the mind is described as an iceberg, with the conscious mind visible above the water, and the mysterious and much greater subconscious below. Following on from being cool headed there is also the idea of evading distraction and negativity by positively influencing the subconscious (programming) to remain focused on living a full and complete life. What this means exactly is hard to say, the workings and power of the subconscious mind are not fully known, but perhaps through diligent and meaningful practices it is possible to harness this power and by doing so better protect oneself from harm.

Sustain a sustaining lifestyle

Training is easy to stick with when times are easy, but lately times have been relatively trying for many. It is not easy to sustain patterns of living when the world constantly changes at a fast pace. It requires adaption, problem solving, sacrifice, and tenacity. This is a lot to ask when life is increasingly absorbing the energy required to overcome difficulties. But what if the actual practice of martial arts itself is sustaining, invigorating, and recharging? Does this not then feed back into every other aspect of life in a positive way? And does that not lead back to more practice, completing a positive reenforcement of sustainable living.


And so these are my themes for 2022. A combination of protective and focusing antidotes to deal with the challenges of the modern world, followed by an exploration of finding deeper meanings in life, and a philosophical mindset to keep going!

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